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Money Market | .15 % APY**

CD's | 1.26% APY**

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Laclede Credit Union

General Information

Laclede Credit Union was founded in April 1940 and it was designed to provide savings and low cost borrowing services for its members. During that time we have prided ourselves on offering personal, friendly, and efficient service. Our credit union is a nonprofit organization, owned and operated by its members, people just like you.


A primary purpose of the credit union is to encourage members to save. We offer a variety of savings plans to our members. Whatever option you choose, the purpose remains the same: to make it as appealing and convenient as possible for our members to save.

Members pool their assets to form the basis of the credit union’s other financial services. Rather than paying profits to stockholders, we return earnings to members in the form of dividends, or enhanced member services. One of these services is to offer loans at competitive rates.

A credit union is a pool of money saved by members, existing for the use of the members. That, in essence, is what the credit union is all about. All credit union decisions and actions must be made to benefit the membership.

The end result is a financial institution you can trust with all your financial needs.


There is an old saying that goes "It’s not always what you know, but who you know that counts." At Laclede Credit Union, it’s true. You know who the owners are. If you are a member, you are one of them. You know who has voice in the operation of the credit union. You do.

Credit Union membership is a privilege that is not open to everyone. Like the many freedoms we enjoy in this country, it is a special benefit that is sometimes taken for granted. Why not make the most of your opportunities and join the unique "people helping people" financial cooperative movement?